How to Avoid Car Wrecks and Travel Safe During the Holidays

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents

Many of us associate the holidays with joyous gatherings with family or friends and plates filled with our favorite dishes. For some, the day necessitates substantial planning, including travel across numerous states. Here are some tips for making safety a priority during the holidays, when car accidents and injuries tend to rise.

Holiday Mishaps

Thanksgiving, along with Christmas and New Year’s Eve, is one of the most dangerous times of year for car accidents, according to the American Safety Council (ASC). Every year, roughly 500 individuals are killed in holiday accidents, with many more suffering serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries.

 As millions of people travel to see family and friends, it is critical to be aware of potential hazards to avoid SUV or truck accidents and injuries.

How to Get Ready for Your Vacation

Wherever you are going for the holidays, having your automobile break down on the road endangers you and your passengers. It is critical to keep your vehicle always maintained in order to avoid car accidents and injuries. The following steps should be taken before venturing out this Christmas season.

  • Check that your windshield is clean, your wipers are working correctly, and you have adequate washer fluid.
  • Clean and inspect your vehicle’s lighting system to ensure everything is functioning.
  • Check your car’s fluids, tires, batteries, and brakes regularly.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your car’s trunk. In case of a breakdown, make sure it has a flashlight, gloves, a blanket, bottled water, a few essential tools, jumper cables, and flares.

 Keep your cell phone fully charged on road journeys and a list of emergency numbers ready. Before you leave, plan your route, check the weather and road conditions, and notify a friend or family member of your destination and expected arrival time.

Best Practices to Avoid Car Accidents on the Road

Practice defensive driving abilities and follow some basic safety rules to avoid car accidents on the road. The following dos and don’ts will assist you in lowering your holiday accident risks.

  •       Follow all traffic lights and signals.
  •       While driving, do not text or talk on the phone.
  •       Always wear your seatbelt.
  •       Do not drive if you are sleepy or weary.
  •       Drive with caution at night because visibility is reduced.
  •       Do not exceed the speed limit irrespective of the road or weather conditions.
  •       Even if you’ve only had a few drinks, don’t get behind the wheel if you’re under the influence of alcohol.
  •       Be aware of the adverse effects medication can have on your driving ability.

 Drunk motorists are responsible for more than 40% of holiday traffic deaths. If you intend to drink alcohol as part of your holiday celebrations, designate a driver or arrange for a ride home.

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