Making A Personal Injury Claim - What You Need To Know

Despite everyone's best intentions, accidents happen, and some of them lead to personal injury lawsuits. At Collins Law, we aim to provide our clients in Shreveport with all the information they need to successfully pursue a personal injury claim. Our founding attorney, Stephen T. Collins, has more than 27 years of experience representing plaintiffs in this type of litigation. Here are some basics that can help you better understand the potential of your case.

Personal Injury 101: What The Law Says In Louisiana

There are several laws on the books in Louisiana that provide specific guidance on personal injury cases:

  • Injured parties have 12 months from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit
  • It is a "fault" state in terms of auto accidents — injured persons may choose either to file a claim with the auto insurance company or file a lawsuit to recover damages
  • Louisiana's laws related to the concept of "comparative fault" can reduce your settlement award by the percentage of fault that the court attributes to you

Finding Medical Evaluation And Treatment

Another common situation in Louisiana, particularly in the Shreveport and Bossier City areas, is that many medical providers will refuse to treat you if you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit — even your family doctor of many years. Specialists may insist that you pay them upfront, in cash.

Timely medical evaluation and treatment is essential. Our firm can connect you with a network of quality providers and help facilitate payments to these providers.

We Represent The Full Spectrum of Personal Injury Cases

No matter the source of your personal injury claim, we have most likely handled something similar to it. Some types of cases we regularly represent include:

A lawyer from our firm will evaluate your case and give you a frank assessment of your chances for success in obtaining a personal injury settlement.

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