Quick Action Can Limit Negative Consequences From Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being in any sort of auto accident can be a terrifying experience. If you were hit by another car, you may experience physical pain and lingering injuries, lost income if you are unable to work, and a lack of transportation if your car is totaled.

At Collins Law, located in Shreveport, Louisiana, we have handled many personal injury cases stemming from motor vehicle accidents. We have decades of experience representing clients in these types of accidents, locally as well as statewide.

After An Accident, Time Is Of The Essence

It is important to act quickly once an accident occurs. If you are able to do so at the scene of an accident, you will want to:

  • Check on all drivers and passengers to ensure everyone is OK
  • Make sure all persons (including you) who need medical treatment receive it
  • Talk to anyone who witnessed the accident and obtain their name and contact information
  • Take photos of your car to document the damage from the collision

After you have left the scene of the accident, call our firm immediately. We can help you file the proper paperwork for a personal injury lawsuit. Louisiana state law allows persons 12 months to file a personal injury suit, but your lawyer will need time to help you get medical evaluations, conduct interviews with witnesses, and prepare the strongest case possible on your behalf.

How Do I Know If My Accident Merits A Lawsuit?

Our firm's founding attorney has represented clients who have experienced many types of accidents, including:

  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Right angle or "T-bone" collisions
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Red-light running
  • Accidents caused by distracted drivers

If the accident has left you with serious injuries such as broken bones, you may be able to recover substantial damages in a lawsuit. If you are able to return to work by the time your case goes to court that will not hurt your case, if your doctor has certified you are healthy enough to work.

Let Us Help You With Your Car Accident Lawsuit

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